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Flaurenzzi POP Cleaning


Unrevealed Benefits of Bidets:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Bidets for Disabilities
  • Bidets for Elder Care
  • Bidets for Hygiene

Looking to improve your hygiene? A bidet toilet seat easily and quickly replaces your existing seat and provides dramatic improvements to your hygiene. Bidets reduce the need for paper products in personal cleaning. Improve your hygiene and reduce your impact on our environment with a bidet toilet seat.


  • It provides a unique freshness and sense of cleanliness to those who pay special attention to hygiene.
  • Quick - easy installation: Almost all toilets are compatible and easy to install. You can install it yourself (15 minutes) and start using it immediately.
  • Practical: No need electrical connection, works with advanced water pressure system.
  • Portable: With easy to remove design, you can remove this system when you move your home and attach it to your new home.

    Research shows that using water to flush the toilet reduces bacterial levels from 90% to 10-20% in the human body! It makes you feel cleaner, fresher and significantly reduces the chance of infection.

    Flaurenzzi Bidet Self-Clean has been carefully designed with advanced technology to offer the best bathroom experience. Relax at Flaurenzzi's offer and fully control the toilet flushing, including accessories and cold or hot water pressure.

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