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Free Shipping Worldwide! Contact Us - 1 (877) 379-7515 Address: 333 S Glebe Road, Arlington, Virginia, 22204
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Why Bidets

Bidet toilet seats make life better, more comfortable, more hygienic, and healthier for everyone in the home.

With easy button controls, after toileting you can comfortably finish cleaning with flowing water and air, improving health and comfort. A bidet toilet seat is a low-cost wonderful addition to every home. Clear Water Bidets is proud to be the supplier of the finest bidet toilet seat products. We have a full-service retail store, located in Carlsborg, WA, with a large showroom. We not only stock what we sell, we service it as well! Any product you buy from Clear Water Bidets comes with our FREE lifetime technical support.

Bidet toilet seats are available in both round and elongated shapes to fit most installed toilets. Each bidet toilet seat product comes with complete installation instructions. Simply replace the standard toilet seat with a bidet toilet seat to add cleansing to each toileting event. Easy to install, easy to clean with normal household products, bidets seats provide shower fresh comfort all day long. Looking to improve your hygiene? A bidet toilet seat easily and quickly replaces your existing seat and provides dramatic improvements to your hygiene. Read more below if you’d like to learn more about the various benefits of a bidet toilet seat.

27,000 trees are cut down worldwide daily to make toilet paper, according to a National Geographic article by David Braun. This uses 850,000 gallons of water and 454 tons of chlorine for bleaching, per day! bidets benefit the environmentAlong with the consumption of these natural resources, more and more people are becoming sensitive to the perfumes, chemicals, paper dust that comes along with modern, fluffy-soft toilet paper.

A Wet Wipe Wasteland

Did you know those wipes that say they’re flushable are causing millions of dollars in “wipe-related equipment problems” across the country? NYC has spent $18 million dollars in the last 5 years. In your home, the can accumulate in your pipes and result in a softball sized wad translating into costly plumbing repairs, overflowing septic systems and backed up toilets.

The answer is simple

The answer to these problems is simple: cut back on toilet paper usage, period. Use of a toilet seat bidet typically reduces toilet paper consumption by 75%. Many people are able to completely eliminate toilet paper from their shopping lists by utilizing the built-in dryers on most bidet toilet seats or using a dedicated drying towel.

Life Changing

We’ve heard this many times about bidet seats. The fact is, they really are. If you suffer from any of the conditions above, a toilet seat bidet will make this area of your life easier and better. Thousands of people every month are discovering the relief a quality toilet seat bidet can provide. Join the 97% of people that have a bidet seat and say they wouldn’t be without one ever again.

But do they really work?

For most people the answer is an unqualified YES. We’ve done our own quality control tests with excellent results. In fact, we conduct monthly QC checks to make sure things are still squeaky clean. Some of our more overweight users have a more difficult time getting completely clean, but we are usually able to find a seat with the right spray pattern to help them as well. Call us for a specific recommendation, we’ll be glad to help.

Whether it’s you or a loved one, we’re getting older and every day activities are getting harder to do. One of the most basic is proper bathroom hygiene and when that isn’t done well, the problems begin to multiply.

Dignity and Independence

Bidets help with elder careWhen we’re young, we rely on mom for everything. She fed feed us, bathed us, taught us, kept us safe and wiped us, a lot. When mom can no longer take care of herself, the shoe is on the other foot. You can’t always be there and frankly she doesn’t want you to be…or anyone for that matter. Mom is independent and wants to stay that way. So much so she probably didn’t tell you about the fall she took, the fender she scraped or the fact that toileting is getting harder. It’s embarrassing and frightening for her to admit any of these. She’s worried you’ll take away the car, hire someone to look after her or worse, move her out of her home. Of course, dad is concerned about these same things…and probably more so.

What’s the big deal?

Urinary Tract Infections affect 50-60% of women at some point in their lives. Especially common in older women, their bodies respond to the infection differently then younger women. Sudden behavior changes including increased signs of confusion, agitation or withdrawal are often confused with dementia and the UTI goes untreated too long, spreading to the bloodstream and becoming life threatening.

Out with the Bad

The simple truth is our bodies are designed to get rid of waste. Keeping it close to the skin because of improper hygiene is an invitation to infection, discomfort and disease. Challenges in cleansing can lead to complications in many areas. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can make her life easier, better and healthier by installing a bidet toilet seat. A bidet toilet seat will transform her existing toilet and take care of her toileting hygiene, giving her back her confidence and dignity. Simple to use, safe and effective, they are simple to install and only take a few uses to master.

“I wish mom had had one of these”

This is something we’ve heard many times. The bidet toilet seats have been a “best kept” secret of international travelers, foreign born citizens and select others for over 20 years in America. Yet many people still do not know of the life-changing devices nor how easy they are to obtain, install or use. Proven the world over, recommended by medical professionals from many disciplines and relied upon by tens of millions of users everyday. The bidet toilet seat will change you and your loved ones life for the better. Wouldn’t that be nice?